Holidays begin at the airport

Throughout the year we look forward to the arrival of the summer holidays, but the reality is that, when the time comes, preparation and the days prior become a constant hustle where huddle numerous tasks, starting, how not, by the luggage.

To help as far as possible the full entry on a vacation, translations we have compiled a list of the funniest airports, where travelers can relax and make the wait for the flight as pleasant as possible.

Ibiza Airport: If the island is the place of entertainment for many, its airport also is in a way. Once the boarding gate waiting more than square of pure fun: tracks dance, zones of rest with comfortable poufs, endless bars casual food, etc. By day, area relax with chill out music and, by night, electronic music with DJ and lots of fun.

Changi Airport, Singapore: there are pools on rooftops, gardens of sunflowers and fauna as the huge butterflies surrounding passers-by. In addition, they have devised a really original method to ensure that no one loses their aircraft. Users can pull from the giant slide that connects the top floor with the floor.

Airport of Incheon, South Korea: one of the most important airports of the world which, between aircraft and aircraft, allows us to enjoy a cultural experience like no other: travelers can receive classes on traditional culture Korean. To entertain the waiting time, there are small dance performances.

San Francisco Airport: offers a program called Wag Brigade, which is based on a relaxation therapy where interacts with animals. It’s nine dogs rescued from shelters, walking ahead of the doors of the terminals with a vest that shows PET ME. Apparently, studies attest that the interaction with these animals help, among other things, to overcome the fear of flying.

Heathrow Airport, London. If what more we like and helps us to reduce stress is to go shopping, this is our airport. You can find stores and luxury boutiques devoted to the most exclusive brands. A commercial gallery which will become a paradise to make the wait more pleasant.